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About Diane Miller

Diane Miller Photographer

Welcome. Since I was a young girl, I have always loved to draw. I work from photos to create lasting memories in various media of your favorite pet. Whether I use pencil, watercolor, colored pencil or mixed media, I strive to capture the spirit and essence of animals.

My background in graphic design has led me to various creative opportunities - from logo design to print brochures and typography. I find endless beauty and inspiration in nature, and I love to research, design and create print and web graphics and collateral.

My photography interest began in college when I shot black and white film and spent hours in the darkroom watching the magic appear in the developing tray. I have restored my old film camera and plan to shoot again!

I absolutely love the art of making photography. I have a renewed interest in providing treasured moments to my friends and customers that might otherwise be lost to fading memories.